FORMULA 1  |  Rebrand + 2019 Launch campaign

THREAD  |  Rebrand Roll Out + Creative Direction of Content, Campaigns and Marketing 2019—2022..
[Logo execution by Bibliotèque]

Brand campaigns and online advertising

Thread editorial content art direction

[Illustration— Ryan Gillet]

[Illustration— Darren Shaddick]

[Illustration— Haley Tippmann]

[Illustration— Calum Heath]

Direction for advertising and content films in collaboration with Pavilion Works

NIKE  |  Instagram Live Training Club campaign and stickers Art direction 
[Illustration— Guy Field]

NIKE WOMEN ITALY |  Art Direction + design development

GRAPHIC DESIGN FESTIVAL SCOTLAND  |  ‘Embrace failure’ newspaper workshop + talks.

TKMAXX  |  Brand world development + Art direction.

BUILDING CRAFTS COLLEDGE X W+K  |  Design of Exhibition collateral and workshop space

BOA VIDA AÇAI  |  Identity design

CENTRO DAS MULHERES DO CABO | Design and strategy work for a Brazilian NGO